Jörn Bielfeldt’s new project JBXDR to release debut record "Wave Talk" in April 2018.

“I slice music with my drums.”

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Drummer and producer Jörn Bielfeldt (aka JBXDR) is an artist between worlds. His work kaleidoscopes between electronic and acoustic music, New York and Berlin, farmlands and touring. 

Born and raised in the idyllic countryside of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, he moved to Boston at the age of 23 to study jazz drumming at the renowned Berklee College of Music. Soon fatigued by the academic intellectualisation of the term "jazz" and rigid categories of genres, he moved to NYC after his graduation, where he continued to develop his music and skills, inspired by numerous collaborations – for example with Grammy-winning Esperanza Spalding or Brooklyn Avantgarde Band Uni Ika Ai. 

"Wave Talk", his upcoming release as solo artist JBXDR, is a fusion of worlds and technologies in album form. The New York subway bounces off tractor sounds from farmlands, YouTube samples on breakbeats, fast-paced Berlin noise on Pacific waves and winds – fabricated by a Roland MS 20. 

JBXDR curates an individual setup for every track: composed of hundreds of different samples and rhythms, which pave the way for his improvisation between jazz, techno, and hiphop.

Through this technique he demonstrates wonderfully warm sound collages (Wave Talk, Surfing a Wave of Populism) on mechanical funk as well as floaty groovy beats (Accelerate Everything), which are always organically arranged during live shows. 

For JBXDR, being a solo drummer means constantly expanding tonal boundaries and connecting musical traditions with the mainstream.

 “Wave Talk” digital album release April 2018.

"Single Slice of Time” Single Release 17th of January 2018 via Bandcamp